UMFA- Info

  1. We are not meter readers.
    • Please note that there is a huge difference between a meter reading company and a utility managing company.
    • UMFA will manage your electricity usage and monitor the municipality account versus the total kWh of the tenants.
  2. UMFA will test and replace all faulty meters free of charge.
  3. All electricity and water consumption queries will be handled by UMFA.
  4. UMFA does not outsource.
    • UMFA does not have to outsource any meter replacement electrical work like some of our competitors have to do. Unless it is a major project that needs help.
    • We test meters, replace meters, advise landlords on saving electricity, assist tenants with energy saving, give advice on power factor correction, etc.
  5. UMFA is flexible.
    • We listen to your needs – We can do full metering service or partial metering service and add-ons to billing as required.
  6. Full metering service.
    • Record monthly readings.
    • Process the relevant accounts.
    • Distribute the accounts to the tenants.
    • Collect the tenant payments.
    • Settle the City Council accounts.
    • Handle all electricity queries from the tenants.
  7. Partial metering service.
    • Record monthly readings.
    • Process the relevant consumption schedules.
    • Forward tenants monthly schedule and consumption report to the landlord / managing agents ensure that the landlord is paying the most favorable bulk tariff for a specific building.
    • Check and verify the supply authority’s account.
    • Handle all electricity queries from the tenants .
  8. We do not have employees, rather key partners / trustees in each branch.
    • With 11 branches countrywide covering South Africa UMFA does not want to have branch managers – instead UMFA has partners where each Trustee builds their individual businesses under the watchful eye off the Holdings company. They do employ people, as the Holding company does.