Partial Metering Service

  1. Record monthly readings
  2. Process the relevant accounts
  3. Forward tenants monthly schedule and consumption report to the landlord / managing agents in correct format required
  4. Ensure that the landlord is paying the most favorable bulk tariff for a specific building
  5. Check and verify the supply authority’s account
  6. Handle all electricity queries from the tenants
  7. Handle municipality queries on behalf of the owner

Full Metering Service

  1. Record monthly readings
  2. Process the relevant accounts
  3. Distribute the accounts to the tenants
  4. Collect the tenant payments
  5. Handle all credit control – takes full responsibility
  6. Settle the City Council accounts
  7. Handle all electricity queries from the tenants
  8. Handle municipality queries

UMFA’s specialized point check system, which is broken down as follows:

  1. Dedicated meter reading service.
    Our Staff which read the meters are all ‘technically literate’ to read the meter, check that it is in working order and complete a visual monthly inspection on the meter. Faults are dealt with immediately or reported immediately.
    Technical assistants repair meters when required. We do not out-source the meter repair work.
  2. Office administration.
    Office staff prepares new monthly files, complete all data capture of the monthly readings.
    Office staff raises queries on suspicious or ‘out of gauge’ readings - our systems allow for variance reports based on your required percentage above or below the actual reading.
    Office staff handles ALL TENANT QUERIES.
    Senior Office staff and Directors personally handle on site visits to clients and feedback reports to clients.
    Office staff handles all tenant movements onto the system—system is always updated and current.
    Office staff double check and triple check systems to avoid anomalies which lead to debits/credits passed.
    Office staff balances Municipal accounts with monthly consumption to determine monthly over recoveries.
  3. On-Site Investigations, Reporting and Queries.
    UMFA Senior Managers / Trustees personally meet with the tenants.
    UMFA visits the tenants on Site; we do not expect the tenant to stand in a queue or have to visit our offices.
    UMFA Senior Managers / Trustees have contact with reliable and senior Staff that deal with utilities at Municipality level and therefore directly with Local Municipal authority on all Municipal queries. This assists UMFA in getting queries resolved in a quick and efficient manner.
    UMFA Senior Managers / Trustees sign off on all building reports and check them thoroughly.
    All on site investigations are followed up efficiently with a report to both the tenant and the Landlord
    Directors have monthly meetings with Landlord / Property Manager to hand over Monthly pack report and to advise on monthly feedback and status of the building.
    Directors also handle queries with the tenants based on their energy efficiency and we assist the tenant in reducing and/or controling their electrical consumptions.
    We can train tenants on energy Management and their behavioral patterns regarding their utilities.
    UMFA assists the Landlord with the best efficient expertise at all times.