UMFA4U - Management reports, Analysis reports, etc..

UMFA4U is the answer after a long debate on how we could combine the current drive towards technology usage and the legislative directive 's in the market and still providing a value-added service to our clients.
We decided to concentrate on information, the interpretation and the presentation of the information.
This new system developed by our own team, addresses these as follows:

Please see the following link link for some examples:
  • Ensure in-time, accurate and reliable information is obtained through a variety of delivery methods:
    1. Automated meter readings (AMR Systems).
    2. Remote metering.
    3. Manual monthly readings.
  • Provide a flexible platform supporting all mainstream meter manufacturers:
      By not concentrating on or re-designing the delivery method, we are not limited or restricted to a single manufacturer, providing our clients with full flexibility in deciding on the most appropriate system to satisfy their individual and unique needs.
  • Support scalable data-frequency to satisfy the specific need of clients or single meter tenants:
    1. Single reading per month where the requirement is only monthly billing.
    2. Multiple readings with frequencies as high as 2-minute intervals for when the requirement is in-time energy management.
  • Intuitive, interactive, customizable reports and data presentation through a user-friendly but secure system.
  • Presenting management reports to decision making entities covering the following aspects:
    1. 3-part Recovery analysis:
      • Comparing Supplier with Bulk (Check) with sub-metered.
    2. Carbon footprint data.
    3. Comparing buildings in portfolios:
      • Usage patterns.
      • Time-of-use analysis.
      • Load-factor analysis.
      • Recovery comparisons.
    4. Analysing building consumptions for energy consumed, maximum demand and Amounts (Cost and Recovered):
      • Total tenant’s sub-metered percentages.
      • Air-conditioning percentages.
      • Common area services percentages.
      • Emergency supply percentages.
      • Vacant area usages and percentages.
    5. Analysing usage trends for Energy within time-slot distribution as applicable and Demand:
      • Seasonal variances.
      • Month-on-month analysis.
      • Year-on-year analysis.
    6. Analysing tenant consumptions:
      • Per square meter of GLA analysis between tenant categories.
        • In Building,
        • Across portfolio within region,
        • Across portfolio all regions,
        • For tenant consumptions, air-conditioning, common area and emergency consumptions.
      • Month-on-month and year-on-year usage trend analysis.
    7. Energy distribution within building, graphical and tabular presentation.
    8. Transformer load analysis.
    9. Power factor presentation if applicable – graphical and tabular.
  • Improving the availability of standard month-end and analysis reporting to client administrative staff for tenant queries and month-end billings:
    • Consumption summary reports.
    • Individual tenant consumption reports.
    • Meter statistical and historical usage analysis.
    • Unit / Shop usage analysis and trends.
    • Tenant usage and historical analysis and trends.
    • Tenant movement reports.
    • Current occupation schedule.
    • Monthly data import files.
  • Providing information to single metered entities (Tenants):
    • Usage analysis based on available readings.
    • Billing analysis.
    • Predictive billing based on current consumptions.
    • Load-factor analysis.
    • Month-on-month and year-on-year analysis.
    • Comparison between buildings and regions for franchise type tenants.
    • Tenant category analysis.
    • Power-factor presentation – graphical and tabular.